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At Digismol we produce moulds for all kinds of products and production processes.

Un modelo de cabeza de muñeca en cera, el molde de galvanoplastia y la muñeca finalizada

At Digismolwe can cover the entire process of creating a product. We are specialised in the toy and doll sector, from the initial prototype to the finished and packaged product.

Regarding the manufacture of moulds, we produce melectroplating moulds, both master and multiple moulds for rotomoulding, injection moulds and blow moulds..

Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art technology that enables the production of any mould with all the quality and precision requirements demanded nowadays. Our equipment includes the latest generation of nickel baths and numerical control machines, Daewoo Puma 230 and Cincinnati Milacron 1250 lathes.

¿Que es la galvanoplastia? Es la aplicación tecnológica de la deposición mediante electricidad, o electodepositación. El proceso se basa en el traslado de iones metálicos desde un ánodo a un cátodo, donde se depositan, en un medio líquido acuoso, compuesto fundamentalmente por sales metálicas y ligeramente acidulado. De forma genérica bajo el nombre de galvanoplastia se agrupan diversos procesos.

What is electroplating? It is the technological application of deposition using electricity, or electrodeposition. The process is based on the transfer of metal ions from an anode to a cathode, being placed in an aqueous liquid, mainly composed of metal salts slightly acidified. Generically, several processes are gathered under the name of electroplating.

What is electroforming? Electroforming is the process we will use for the fast manufacture of our high quality and low cost moulds. Its main advantage is its great capacity to reproduce even the smallest details of the surface of the model used in the process, which will be ready for rotomoulding.

¿What is rotomoulding? Rotomoulding Eis the process, also known as rotational moulding, for shaping plastic materials and polymers in general, including latex, polyethylene, polypropylene, pvc and plastisols. This process will be used to manufacture hollow products or parts.

What are the advantages of rotomoulding? ? Rotomoulding with electroformed nickel moulds has lower manufacturing costs compared to other processes such as injection and blow moulding. Rotomoulding can be used to produce all kinds of pieces and sizes, reproducing even the smallest details of the piece with a lower investment in moulds.

What is plastisol or vinyl? Plastisol or vinyl for rotational moulding is often used in the manufacture of toys and dolls. It is a material that is highly resistant to electricity, abrasion and corrosion. When plastisol is rotomoulded, it becomes a rigid material that can be used to make pieces of all sizes with high hardness and a smooth finish.